Digital printing

Results unthinkable until not long ago

Digital printing with continuous upgrading of machinery
Our inkjet printing department has grown exponentially in recent years.
The path we have followed has allowed us to achieve outstanding results on silky and non-silky articles, reducing the biggest limit of digital printing, i.e. the superficiality of colour.

Today, we are able to obtain excellent prints with rich colours and – most importantly – with excellent results on the reverse side of the fabric, a key aspect in prints for accessories.
With a view to pushing our boundaries, we have invested in new technologies that will allow us to print on both sides of the fabric, for results that were unthinkable until now.

Given the flexibility of digital printing and the possibility of creating prototypes, the department’s organisation includes procedures that help us track each step with dedicated software, in order to monitor each request during the research phase and then reproduce it in the event that production orders are received.