A leading manufacturer of luxury fabrics and textile accessories for a century

G.Binda has been a leader in the production of luxury fabrics and textile accessories for men and women for around a hundred years, its traditions having been handed down for 3 generations according to the same PRINCIPLES and VALUES espoused and championed by founder Gianni BINDA, who gave his company a unique imprint.


There is nothing better than making a career out of your personal passion and turning people’s dreams and ideas into reality.

02The pursuit of perfection

Striving to improve continuously in order to guarantee the highest levels of excellence.

03Customer care

Sewing a tailor-made dress to meet the needs of our customers.


Our employees are our family.

My unique passion for my craft, my continuous search for perfection and my love for beauty and helping others are innate values that are now part of me and my way of being. Michele Binda

A customer-centric approach

Our mission is to channel our Passion into the things we do by putting our customers at the centre, supporting them in every processing phase, from the concept through to its execution, to create an exclusive and tailor-made product.
We strongly believe in the organization and structure of our company. Being a small to medium size business, we are able to work quickly and speed up the various production processes to provide a top-quality service.

22 DecemberGianni Binda founds Gianni BINDA, specialising in weaving, and soon afterwards, in 1946, a print factory. His objective is clear: the company is committed to producing high-quality fabrics, focusing exclusively on natural fibres. The years go by and the company enjoys a period of rapid growth thanks to various technological innovations in the area of printing and weaving. The company’s jewel in the crown is its printed jacquard and jacquard pattern.
Sales offices are opened in Viale Geno in COMO
In the 1960s Gianni Binda’s sons Enrico and Palmiro join the company
Opening of a new print factory in Breccia
Opening of the TJSS fabrics for women's clothing division (later sold in 1994)
Opening of a new full cycle weaving facility in Binago
Launch of the furnishing division
Acquisition of Lucchini (Milan) in 1995/96
Acquisition of Fiorio (sold in 2004) in the late 1990s
The beachwear division is established
Following a major downturn in the tie market, the company undergoes a restructuring process through entering into arrangements with its creditors.
Ricky’ sons Giovanni and Michele, the third generation, acquire the stake of their Uncle Palmiro. They close the tie division, retain the beachwear division, strengthen the accessory business and introduce clothing. Production is moved from Breccia to Villa Guardia, where traditional screen printing is maintained and enhanced and digital printing (ink-jet) is introduced.
The sales area, product area, the huge archive and the administration offices are moved to the new headquarters in Villa Guardia.
Giovanni decides to leave the company and transfer his shares to Michele.
G. Binda 75th anniversaryToday is so important for us. We owe all our achievements to those who have been working with us and for us every day! Thank you to our employees, our big family. Thank you to our suppliers, for the strict relationship we have with them, based on a mutual trust. Special thanks to all our customers, for the wonderful projects we created together.
Michele Binda